“Confidence is about losing the fear of showing the world who you are.”

Kelly Galanis

Embrace social media and use it to leverage your identity!

Learn how to best manage your social media and gain key insight about your clients and their needs.

Connect with others using social media networking trends and understand the benefits they offer.

Watch your business grow while you connect with other organizations, businesses, and the community!

The Red-Headed Diva shows the world who she is! Learn the best practices to showing the world who you are, too!

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Whether you want to promote a positive online image, work a room, protect your online social identity
or land your dream job, let Kelly Galanis give you the Diva’s Guide to using social media effectively!

Using Social Media

to Promote your Personal Brand * Originally presented by Kelly Galanis & Amy B. Perrault at the Elevate You! Series at Bay Path College on December 1,... read more
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